Have you ever ?

Have you ever hated yourself for trying to hate someone whom you once loved ?

Have you ever fought with yourself just so you don’t have to fight ?

Have you ever cursed your brain because you were listening to your heart ? 

Have you ever seen everything so as to forget everything in sight ? 

Have you ever thought about the things you used to think ? 

Have you ever found the ship that couldn’t sink ?

Have you ever stared at the wall and not look at the paint? 

Have you ever sinned to become a saint ? 

Have you ever gained from the loss you had cleared ? 

Have you ever thought “if only it weren’t something weird” ?

Have you ever bothered to be distant through the night ?

Have you ever done something wrong to make it right ? 

Have you ever not rhymed while writing a poem? 

Have you ever made a mistake and smile at it ?

Have you ever shed a tear while not crying?

Have you ever been thankful for lying ? 

Have you ever been there ? 

I dont think so….

But again, i dont think much. 

Much is an exaggeration as such. 


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