Twist in the tale

She weeps like a child,A little harsh, a little mild.

The weeping is okay though, 

For a soul so wild,

She can let it flow, 

If only she could hide.

Behind her tears of sorrow,

Two worlds set to collide. 
She laughs like a freak,

A little loud, a little meek.

The laughing is contagious,

And followed by a streak,

Of sniffles , frivolous,

Like a bird and its beak. 

Beneath a laugh so ferocious,

Lay his knees, so weak. 
She ponders like a dream,

A little naive, a little extreme,

The thoughts are far fetched,

And absurd they might seem,

But if a beautiful mind stretched,

Happiness would redeem.

Under her thoughts, are etched,

The signature of his belief. 
She loves like a fire,

Or even a bonfire, who cares,

Not the right time to get stuck,

Not the right time to give a fuck.

Let it be known,

That emotions change, 

Or even if you call it “grown up” ,

People too change. 
Goodbye divyajeet,

You will be missed. 


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