The Wanderer 

Wandering through the past,Amidst the dense blue forrest ,

In search of an eminent outcast,

That would shine with zest.
He pondered deep within,

In search of his light,

That would, to heal, begin,

And destroy his plight.
He lit his lantern up and,

Held it as high as he could.

In the darkness so bland,

Mesmerised, he stood.
The aura shone,

So bright, through the dew,

Leaving the petals alone,

In search of something new.
He finally found his cure,

And found it in due time,

For a soul so pure,

He could sing , he could rhyme.
He reached out for the light,

Capturing the aura in his heart,

Held on to it tight ,

And never extinguished the spark.

-Divyajeet Singh


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