Anonymous inspiration

He could think , he could act ,
He could sure write , for a fact.
But the only thing he missed was,
An inspiration that could fulfil his cause !

The world, to him, was a big giant ball,
That couldn’t understand the pain of his fall ,
Or the sadness of his heart , or even the plight of his soul,
As he still searched for his ultimate goal !

His heart said “he could!” ,His mind said it not ,
The more he moved in the mire , the deeper it got !
He had ran out of ideas , ran out of words,
And ran out of the emotions he saw or heard !

But then came an aura , an anonymous one ,
Told him , “when i say this don’t think of a pun”,
“You are not meant to be a geek or a nerd,
Rather you could be the one to change the world” !

Struck-dumb he sat , and boggled he looked,
By the words that the aura had just cooked,
So he smiled and grabbed his good old pen ,
And started to write again and again !

He was still dubious about the fact ,
That the world would change with his act ,
But the aura that had sparkled at night ,
Gave him a reason to write what’s right !


Ps: wink wink ! 😀

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