The winds pass my ears in playful flee ,
The freedom exasperating and free .
Thinking the better of it when i speed down the slope ,
It fills me with joy and a ray of hope !

Hope , that someday when I reach the ground ,
I’ll not be alone in the vicinity, I found .
Although I hit hard on the ground , I ,
Think , again , the better of it , not willing to die !

Free fall is what they call my experience to be ,
Drained out from the riches, to the lower degree.
My mind had known from the days it worked ,
That on every golden window, poverty lurked !

As higher we go , so lower we fall ,
And so is true for one and for all .
We must know the taste of ground,
Even if we are rich and profound !

So when you reach the heights , like i did one day ,
I would surely want you to stay …
To stay in the luxury of fortune and do ,
Everything unlike what I used to do !


Disclaimer – this is the story of a rich and successful person , who has suddenly been trapped by the hands of poverty , and has lost all his riches . He tells his story in a sad manner , wishing that everyone else does not the same mistakes that he did !
One should never be proud of the amount of money or property he has , what matters is the heart inside !

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