One eye gazing , when I look up in the sky ,
As if it blushes , asking me why ..?
Why do I look up and stare at her ,
Her beauty I cherish , and simply flatter ..!!

She looks at me staring why …
I seem too keen , just can’t deny…!
How can the sky look so calm and bright ,
Glows and enunciates its might …!!

It wanders along an unknown path ..
Then stopping at once to take a bath ..
The lovely earth which stares so high ,
Thanking the heavenly sky ..!!

As time shows no mercy ,just passes away ,
I miss the lustrous sky so gay ..
Comes out the dusky and dark shade ,
Knitted with sparkling dots ,when made …!

Stupefied and stuck dumb ,there I stood ..
One last question to ask , if I could …!!
“How so calm ,you remain..??” said I ,
Yet again a smile ,she gave so high …

“just one secret ” ,she said “there is..”
” patience and only patience it is …!!!”



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