So once again the pen came twirling in my hand ,
And time still running , down-pouring like sand ,
But no matter what the consequences , no matter what time ,
I just can’t resist but write a melodious rhyme …

They say it my skill , my work , my art ,
But the beneath still lies far apart ,
No expression such shown , no word such said ,
Can explain the world where I fled ..

My poems, they say, “show the mirror of life” ,
And sometimes “pierces through, like a knife” ,
“It bears some sought of anxiety and pain” ,
And “sometimes they seem really insane” ….

Too many tongues and as many words ,
That come through the mouth of ruthless nerds,
While some just touch the heart and go ,
Other blast upon , in a single blow …

Unaffected still , my ballads go on,
No time to stop , rebel or mourn,
Cause HE said ,” I have heights to reach before I drop,
And miles to go before I stop ” ….



One comment

  1. Japnoor · August 26, 2014

    Good one…

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