Once upon a time , when time was real ,
Some incident took place , quite surreal ..!!
I was held up by something too dark and dense ..
Suddenly losing some of my sense ..!

I jumped into a world , amazingly created …
But still felt quite too much inebriated ..
I was lying down on a grass too green ..
But still seemed to be ruthless and mean ..

Someone saw , through a bush which bared ,
A flat big head , at me he stared ..
Slowly he pounced and near he came ..
Though frightened and a little lame ..

“who ares’t thou ?” he asked, a strange
Fellow who was still out of his range ..!
I still tried to manipulate the words that pierced ,
Through my small , illiterate ears …

“Roger”, I said , I thought was my name ..
And thankful enough I remembered the same ..!
“wheres’ t thou art from ?” , came another shot ,
This time a little doable accent ,somewhat …

“I belong to the States , ol’ man ” said I ,
suddenly regretting with a silent sigh ,
Lord heavens , I saw , I could swear ,
The ol’ man had a quite long spear …!!

He said ,”Thou speak an unknown tone , sire..
I’ll take u to ‘Thy Lordship’ to admire..”
“Hold it sweety , I ain’t no joker ..”
And I was put behind the bars of a locker ..

Curses to that giant who came out to be ,
Not a friend , perhaps a soldier of ‘His Majesty’ ..
“Couldn’t be any worse” I sighed in mind ,
“Greetings sire” came a voice from behind …

I turned to see a man in green ,
And still seemed to be a teen ..
His voice echoing all over he spoke
“the name is robin hood , I do bad to bad , and good to the good ” ..

“who ares’t thou ?” again the same ,
Ol’ man’s question , now seemed lame …
“roger” said I with a false smile ,
“and I am from the States ” in my own style …

“where is it ?!” his next arrow came …
And this time it wasn’t lame …
“u don’t know the states ? Do u have a brain ?”
( this man is real insane ) …

I asked , “why are you arrested lad ??!”
And he started off with his own ballad ..!
“I steal the high and spread to the low .
And threaten thee with my arrow and bow”

( dude this insane is even a poet ) I thought …
And then my eyes saw and caught ,
Glimpse of the keys , into a free world ,
The guard in deep sleep and arms curled ..!!

“The key , The key ” , why did I scream!??
And the guard woke from his scary dream …!
“Hey cabbage-top “, I said to the man ..
“I wanna get out , do u have a plan!!??”

“we capture the key at the stroke of midnight ,
Just run and run , no need to fight ”
(gosh , this poet has got something in head )
“ok “, said I “we begin this night ahead” ..!

With the humming of the owl we began our task ,
“what next ?” was something common to ask …
We slipped a thread with magnet on the guard ,
To bring the key , the task was hard …!

At last he did it ,and the cherished lad ,
Began again with his own ballad ..
“I hath no fear , guards becometh my slave ,
Look here thee , I am out of the cave ” :p

We saw nothing else , cause we didn’t care ,
And ran until we went out of air …
But still the king’s horses followed ,
And for some time my heart shallowed …

At last we went inside a cave ,
And thought that our decision was naive ,
Cause soon a blow of fire came out ,
“dragon ! dragon! ” I did shout ..!

Gosh we were stuck within two dead ends ..
With no family and no friends …
We ran between them both and eloped ,
Again those ruthless horses galloped ..!

Finally we reached the “green man’s” house ,
Which was rather like a shape of a mouse ..
On the floor , exhausted we lie …
“we are safe ” greeny gave out a cry ..!

Those words seemed to disappear out ,
And then came a great shout ,
My mom called me down for dinner ,
And I saw my dream going thinner and thinner ..

Suddenly I zapped back on my seat ,
Man it was an adventurous feat …
On my dinner table a question rose ,
And my face had that common prose …

“How are the studies going on , my son ..!??”
I smiled , rather a sarcastic one …
I Said , “I hath no answer, stuck in a mire”
“thou speak an unknown tongue ,sire ” ..!! 😉



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