The sliding of the clouds in a heavenly sky ,
The sound of the rain with a silent cry ,
The shine of the sun with its ailing heat ,
The sight of the marrow with a rejoicing treat …

All these the expressions of nature i see ,
Including the calm of the lovely tree ,
And the boggling fish that swim underneath ,
And the walk of a rabbit with big teeth …

They please my mind purify my soul ,
And make me wanna take a wondrous stroll ,
As the chirping of the birds silences into the blue ,
Nature speaks for its beauty so true …

I cd imagine the world without these gaiety things ,
As if without a voice , a singer sings ..
Im incomplete and so is the world ,
Without the touch of nature unfurled …

And so i pray fr them to stay ,
And stay with me all the way ,
Cause when i see the “beauty of nature” ,
I simply dont find words to say
I simply dont find words to say !!




  1. Hariqbal Singh · April 26, 2014

    Your poem nicely depicts the beauty of Nature. Really it is an excellent attempt of an Engineering Student.Appreciable.

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