The memory of you that stays in me ,
Pleasures my mind wanders free ..
I think I act , but when beside you ,
Never ever see anything else so true ..!!

My heart’s sudden reaction at your sight ,
Even at night , sees a sun so bright ..
Lost in the world of nothing but you …
Feels the love ,a mesmerising hue …

No pain, you see, I have no fear …
Amidst all ,your voice is all I hear …!
No word ever made can express kmy feel ,
Not me but it’s my heart you steal …!!

I still pen down all I can enunciate ..
Bring down the stars, if u appreciate ..
I see no bar , nor a border I see …
Which can create a line between you and me !

Hold my hand , I ask , if u please …
Not me, you see , it’s my heart you cease !!
Why can’t I say all this , when ,
I can easily write it with a paper and pen ..

Still recollecting my strength I write to you ,
What my heart says , words very few ..
Be my ally , I’ll leave you never,
And that’s how we live happily forever …!!;)



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