When only wind consoles the lost senses,
When the heart is filled and mind is short of sentences,
That’s when you know yourself ,
That’s when the silence silences !!

The body betrays ,
The mind frays ,
Where the mist screens the eyes with darkness ,
That’s where the heart stays (still) ,
Prays for the revival of the drab and spark less…!!!

Why do we stop ,
Why do we hear ,
The immortal pain we can’t bear …
Why do we think of the lost admire ,
Sorrows thatched on , like a perpetual mire …!?

Why do we kneel ,
Why can’t we Heal …?
The broken heart , the poignant feel ,
The grief of the smashed down trust ,
Floats above all the joy , up thrust ..!!

When the brightness ends ,
When the plight extends ,
Where no bandage can make any amends ,
Sorrow engraved into infinity ..
Empty bottle emptied into vicinity ..!!

Then appears a light ,
Brings out its might ,
Like the whole world achieved at just one sight !
Darkness thrashed and hauled out of the scene ,
Now the poignant-ism nowhere to be seen ..!

Joyfully mesmerised ,
The happiness eulogised ,
The sanctity of love ,then realised ,
Returns every drop of the emptied bottle of fun ,
Which only one can understand , the only one …!!



One comment

  1. Japnoor · August 26, 2014

    Love u son great poem

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