As my nostrils fill with water to the brim ,
I still dont back , I’ve got an ocean to swim !
As the tides run over , and as my arms tire ,
My heart becomes stronger , and my tears are on fire .

No land i see , nor a sight of life ,
Neither do i see my home , Nor a loving wife ,
I’m far too away and yet to close ,
And so i recite my melodious prose …

To the swimming fishes and to the roaring whales …
I pass by them to reach new scales ..
And as my brain refuses to work anymore ,
I know “i cn do it” , smwhere in the core !

The weather changes , and so do i ,
Hastily and so again ,it passes by !
The land calls for his son as he goes ,
Unaffected by the woes , of friends or foes ..

At the close of my journey my heart says ..
“Thanks fr teaching me in so many ways” …
To d roaring ocean i bid good bye ..
And next prepare to fly !


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