The title speaks very well about the story I’m about to tell , but not quite all of it . You see , all the boys studying in an engineering college , tend to be a bit more desperate about girls than usual boys…. but i , my friend, am an exception ! And i know that intelligent people always need proof , so i am about to present my own story ! There are always some very tough decisions that you have to make in your life , and no matter how careful u r in selecting , you always end up making a mistake ! 

My story begins with me rushing towards the hostel mess to have my lunch , as my stomach was giving me a hard time , and my body seemed to agree to everything it said ! 😛
As i was serving myself a “not-that-tasty” meal … i saw a pretty girl with a pink umbrella walking past the mess window . Allow me to explain …. My mess is beside the girl’s hostel lane and it is quite common for us to look at them walking by … 😉

Now here’s the situation … i am standing with a plate full of “mess food” and i see a pretty girl walk past by … and i am stuck in a dilemma … whether to stay with my plate and finish my lunch .. or run as fast as i can to ask that girl her name and introduce myself to her …


This is one of those situations where even a person as witty as birbal will have to think twice !!! But I live in a place full of love and i am always told that ” LOVE ALWAYS WINS” ….

so abiding by my quote i left the thought of following that girl and stayed with the first and last love of my life “FOOD” .. So what, if its mess food ?? food in any form can serve as a stomach filling agent which was my utter need at that time 😉

so my friends , moral of d story is , ……… umm ……….. there is no moral , i just felt like sharing it !!! 😉


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