As good as it feels while becoming a budding poet who is appreciated by all the faces he can remember, there still remain many cons to this pro!

Here is a list of annoying and probably the most silly things a poet has to do or rather “go through” in his life!

  1. A poet should always seem legit and surprisingly weird in a good sense of-course! That’s poetically quite ironic I must say! 😛
  2.  A poet must have an inspiration on which he can base his profession, because without an inspiration, people have the tendency to think that the poet has started out of nowhere! They can even locate that nowhere for you (if you know what I mean)! 😉
  3. A poet can “not-very-often” be erotic in his so called “works” as very few people tend to understand how talking about the “method of reincarnation” be educative! Xp
  4. A poet has a family to write for, be it his sister’s holiday homework, or his brother’s newly made gf, or his mom’s dignity for his work, or even his dad’s friends! If you are a poet, be ready to write these four complimentary ones before you proceed for your own innovations! ;P
  5. The pity towards a poet grows yet stronger if he is in a relationship! He obviously uses his best tools (poetry) to impress the girl of his dreams, but the dreams made of cloud don’t actually have a silver lining , and fade away with wind , when he is told to continue his “work with his tools” to stay in a relationship! Worst part comes when he can’t publish those works as they are too dangerous to collect after a break up! 😛
  6. If you are luckily “unlucky” enough to become a poet, one day you will face a maniac, stupid enough to like your stuff a lot and follow you from place to place! This dear friend is called stalking! But don’t worry, “you might just only be the inspiration as mentioned in point no. 2” ! 😉

That’s all I have folks and that’s all I should present you with when it comes to becoming a poet! Because what I don’t want in this pretty world to happen is the shortage of great poetic minds!! 😉


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