I wish to know what the heart,

Of a beloved friend say ,

And to turn the mind and make her,

Full of happiness and gay !

But she won’t tell , and she won’t speak,

as to what the pain she has ,

Cause she can’t see the pain of others,

And becomes a caring and loving lass!

She sees the world , she feels it too ,

But gives only what is good for it,

Cause she can’t see tears in eyes ,

And converts everyone into fine and fit !

 But who does know what the kind woman bears?

Her fight or even the slightest of fears?

No one , for sure,knows what she hides ,

Her sorrows pushed away to sides…

But still this heart says that one day ,

I shall know the truth that lay beneath,

The mask of joyful face she has ,

And what stays in the heart of a cheerful lass !

– Ayvid

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